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Sarah fell out with her father Joe and was too overwhelmed by his PTSD and his Parkinson’s disease. He was a changed man and Sarah yearned for freedom, so she left Portugal and went to London to study art. But she was not as successful there as she hoped, so now Sarah is arriving back home, desperately trying to reunite with her father. It takes several attempts, Joe will not even look at her, but in the end she breaks through to him by showing him a clay figure Joe made of Sarah when she was a little girl. Finally, Joe looks at Sarah and there is hope for them to start afresh.
Miloslav, an old small stop motion puppet, wants to revive his acting career. He takes on an audition for a new movie called ‘Flying Bicycles’. Things are not what they used to be however. Miloslav needs go up against many kinds of newer animation characters, ranging from old colorless drawn 2D-characters to fully-fledged modern 3D rivals. Can he proof his worth and win the role?
This is the story about a 15 year old called Anna who’s sense of right and wrong no longer exists.
As the childish Afonso realizes it is finally time to grow up, he submits himself to a procedure that's will irreversibly change him into a much different man.

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Films from previous editions

Social Animals

Humorous sketch film about animals, who exist in their everyday lives in body only, whilst their minds are elsewhere.
Rendező/director: BUDA Flóra Anna; KOSKA Zoltán; SZÁSZ Enikő; TÍMÁR Anna; TAKÁCS Barbara (2015, vegyes technika/mixed technique animation,04'30)
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In Portugal, during the dictatorship, Roberto Magalhães a boxer coming from the working class, is taken into a blackmailing situation where much more than winning combats is at risk.

Light Game

"When an isolated woman discovers her own creativity within her routine, she stands between her newly won individuality and a caring but determined creator, and begins a game of hide-and-seek in the midst of light and shadow."
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Ron, the centaur works as a policeman in a metropolis. An unexpected event disrupts his daily routine, making him question where he really belongs.
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The Bench

At first glance the situation of two people sitting on a bench seems very normal to our eyes. But what is behind what we can see? „The Bench" brings people together in different places, captures their often weird reality and forces them to dive into them.
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In a time of modern comfort and endless curiosity, the world is on the break of a great discovery. A father and his son decide to flee from the hectic citylife and what this great unknown discovery might bring forth. What follows is a cataclysmic event, which sends the boy on a journey of discovery, trying to reunite with his father in an altered, other world.
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Pursuit of heaven

Winter at the end of the world. Penny, a woman on the run, lives on her own in a tent at the edge of a wide site. On the other side of it: a lone business tower looming in the moonlit night. She sleeps with her eyes half open, knifes in her hands, until the rustling of the leaves turns sweet that night and an angel falls down from heaven, giving her a moment of abundance and warming her before she falls asleep blissfully.
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A story about a girl sitting in a park, searching something in her bag. There she founds experiences, impressions and memories, but finally overcoming them she can start a new life.
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For you to see

Over the years Fred, a young and blind man, has developed a technique to see. Producing a crackle sound with his mouth and using the technique of echo-location can sense what's around him. After a few years away from his hometown, Fred feels the need to comeback, and with Madalena to join him, he experiences a nostalgic journey through spaces and moments that have marked him and made him what he is today. A lesson about what marcs people for life, how we grow, an introspection on how sometimes we really need to see to believe.
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In Alfama, a typical neighborhood of Lisbon, the gas balloons are delivered house to house. Each has its own personality. Mary, the eldest, sees over the years the life of several couples who live in the neighborhood. When taken into a Hostel she then watches a radical change on how people feel and live their relations and does not understand why that's so different now. Where are the feelings? Are they left with the ones who stay or the ones who left? Mary decides to get out of the gas balloon she has always lived in, but that decision can jeopardize everyone who lives around her...
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The short film is about a girl in a real city, a live action city, she's the only one that is still pure and animated. Through various influences of the dirty city she slowly becomes live action. She would like to remain animated, but there seems no escape. Then there is a magical animated blue flower.
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Two friends decide to break out from the isolated, crumbling, cursed place they've been living in, and experience the unknown. Their friendship will be tested right at the beginning...
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We are desperate

To know yourself you need to let go of control, give a leap of faith and let flow through your emotions. This is a film about an intimate journey of self-knowledge, the discovery of personal barriers and emotions.
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In Altitude

A dreamy animation student girl realizes that her grandfather is a more fragile human being than the unbreakable person she believed him to be in her childhood.

Perfect Fit

A primary school reunion after 20 years - the chance for former outsider Anna to finally make herself popular. And Anna has also developed the right skills: she can adapt perfectly to her counterpart - her looks, her language, her attitude and her opinion change, depending on who she's talking to. Only when she meets Mika, she unexpectedly reaches her limit - and is confronted with a problem: What personality actually has a chameleon?

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