Assembling Essemble – International Conference and Workshop on Film Technology

Lisbon, October 5th and 6th, 2017

The closing event of the Essemble project, a two-day conference and workshop called "assembling essemble" was held last 5th and 6th October, which brought together more than fifty national and international specialists in the areas of virtual and augmented reality.

The Essemble project is an initiative of Universidade Lusófona developed in partnership with the ifs- International Film School Cologne, Luca Art School in Brussels, MOME Budapest and TH Köln, five European schools that have come together over the last seven years to develop, first with funding from the EU MEDIA program and then with funding from the ERASMUS + program, this unique project of training and research whose main objective was to explore the current frontiers of language and film narrative and how its limits increasingly extend the most diverse aesthetic and artistic domains.

For this closing event, the organizers decided to offer a VR train the trainers workshop on October 5th, developed in partnership with the Bayerische Filmzentrum, and a conference on the 6th where case studies and debates on how VR is more and more available to public.

The quality of the various presentations and projects presented and the richness of the different participants that shared their work and experience during these two days were factors that contributed in a definitive way to the success of this event that closed perfectly a unique and differentiated project.

To conclude the event, a screening of some of the films produced during the various editions of Essemble was also one of the highlights of the two days.


October 5th
Room Auditorium Q

i4c Content Creation for Virtual Worlds

09h30 10h00 Reception
10h00 10h30 Welcome and Round of Introductions

PART I Content Creation

10h30 11h00 Learn
  • Keynote / Opening
    VR and 360°, AR, MR, xR new technologies open up a new Medium
  • Goal
    Participants start the day with different levels of knowledge. The short introduction to technologies, devices, and in particular the consequences for content development (interactivity, haptics) shall balance the level of all participants.
11h00 12h00 Experience
  • Watch relevant Samsung GearVR content with focus on Story
    (examples could be: Notes on Blindness, Invasion, Seargant James, Ashes to Ashes, Asteroids, Solar360, Miyube, etc., in short: content from ARTE360, Felix&Paul,, UN, NYT, ZDF360, BBC360 etc.)
12h00 12h30 Get inspired
  • Keynote:
    Evolution of Storytelling / Content Creation for Virtual Worlds / User Perspective and User Journey / Human Centered Design for VR content creation ad lib.
12h30 13h30 Lunch Break
13h30 14h15 Do Pressure Cooking
  • In Teams (à 4-5 pax): Ideate and prototype a VR experience
14h15 14h30 Share
  • Presentation and Feedback of the Ideas

PART II Technical Needs for 360° Filming

14h30 15h00 Keynote and Case Study
  • Teams, Workflows, Technologies, Tools for VR content Creation
17h30 18h00 Open discussion / Q& A / Feedback and Wrap

October 6th
A​uditorium Agostinho da Silva​

09h45 10h00 Reception
10h00 11h15 “Ashes to ashes” Case study by theater director
  • Ingejan Lighthart Schenk, Submarine
11h15 11h30 Coffee break
11h30 13h00 Metamorphosis Of Cinematic Experience: Exploring the Future for Screen Creators and Audiences in a World of Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Bruce Sheridan, Columbia College Chicago
13h00 14h30 Lunch
14h30 -16h00 Reflexive Perplexities: the virtual camera in “She's Not There”
  • Peter Moyes, Griffith University
16h00 16h15 Coffee break
16h15 17h00 Essemble: Education for Digital Film and Media Arts Conclusions on an Erasmus Plus Strategic partnership
  • Manuel José Damásio, Lusófona University
  • Carolin Große Hellmann, internationale filmschule köln
  • Toon Aerts, Luca School of Arts
  • Péter Fazakas, MOME
17h00 Closing Session
19h30 Screening of Essemble films


Lusófona University, Campo Grande 376, 1749-024 Lisboa

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