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Proud of what we do

Film is one of the areas where European Higher Education could have a leading role at an international level. Europe has the oldest and one of the strongest traditions of film education in the world, and Europe’s HEI ability to foster and promote creativity as long been acknowledge. Over the last decade, film schools have been confronted with the challenge of integrating into their curricula and didactic approaches the novelties brought forward by the emergence of digital cinema and new consumption, production and distribution environments, while seeking to maintain their past artistic educational models and technical edge. Essemble addresses the need of European Film and Media Schools for training and mobility activities that aim at the development and implementation of new interdisciplinary programs; the enhancement of the quality and relevance of European Higher Education in this field; the development of new interdisciplinary training programs; the implementation of new teaching strategies for film education; the development of new learning methods and didactic materials; and the reinforcement of digital skills amongst arts students and teachers.

Manuel José Damásio
Head of the Film and Media Arts Department
Universidade Lusófona

Our Universities

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Our Trainers

These are some of the people that will make Essemble happen.

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Bastien Dubois
Dorothee van den Berghe
Emma de Swaef
Filip Sterckx
Filipe Luz
Filipe Vale
Gonçalo Galvão
Hans Bruch
Joost Jansen
José Miguel Ribeiro
Laurie Hutzler
Manuel José Damário
Marc James Roels
Marco Amaral
Marianne Connor
Marina Shron
Miguel Valverde
Pedro Serrazina
Peter Fazakas
Rita Domoni
Senjan Jansen
Sylke Meyer
Tibor Banoczki
Toon Aerts

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